Sacajawea Audubon


SAS Conservation Committee Report – January 7, 2018
By Lou Ann Harris and Paulette Epple

The New Year is upon us and Sacajawea Audubon Conservation Committee is looking forward to expanding our impact for the good of birds in southwest Montana through new and old projects. Our first meeting was held on October 17, 2017. Thanks to Hobart Collins, Janne Hayward, Chris Nixon and Margaret Perryman for attending along with Lou Ann and Paulette. Many others indicated a desire to be involved and so this report is going to all those that expressed an interest. Below is a summary of the current conservation projects that SAS is involved in.

SAS Conservation Projects from 2017:
o Bridger Ridge Raptor Survey
o Bluebird Nest Box Trails
o Kestrel Nest Box Project
o Trumpeter Swan Reintroduction in the Madison Valley (contribution to funding only)
o Knock Out Burdock Project
o Story Mill Community Park partnership (also involves educational aspects)
o IBA Surveys (Madison Valley and Missouri Headwaters)
o Protecting Cavity Nesters from Vault Toilets (Poo-Poo Project)
o Berkeley Pit Mitigation task force participation
o Public advocacy issues:
-Proposed Limestone West Timber Sale
-Custer Gallatin Forest Plan Revision
- East Bozeman Wetlands protection

It’s an impressive list of projects accomplished by an all volunteer organization! But there is more we can do to preserve and protect our wildlife and their habitats. Five new projects have been identified for the future and we are looking for volunteers to help oversee and implement these conservation efforts.
o Bird Friendly Landscaping
o Monofilament Line Recycling Tubes
o Listing Burdock as a Noxious Weed in Montana
o Baling Twine Removal Project (benefitting Osprey)
o Riparian Restoration

For the next year we would like to focus on the first three projects and are looking for leaders and volunteers that will work to make these projects a reality. We need:
o Help developing a native plants/bird friendly plants list for southwest Montana
o Landscape design help to draw up sample bird friendly plantings
o Graphic design and layout help to create informational brochures to promote the program.
o Handyman help constructing the PVC monofilament line recycling tubes
o Someone willing to dig holes and install posts for monofilament line recycling tubes at fishing access sites
o Research help in learning how widespread burdock is around the state and how other county weed districts are handling the control of burdock.

There are so many ways to be involved with our conversation projects, from hands on work in the field to administrative and leadership work, as well as grant writing, letter writing, helping design brochures and doing research. We encourage anyone who would like to be involved to join the Conservation Committee. We are a hard working group that has a lot of fun as we try to make a difference for conservation.

Our next Conservation Committee meeting will be January 25th, Thursday night, 7 pm at Hope Lutheran Church.

If you want to be involved please contact Paulette Epple at or Lou Ann Harris at . Also, let us know if you would like more information on any of these projects. We now have a project profile written up for each project and a summary is available of all our efforts in 2017.