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Bridger Raptor Festival Raffle!

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

Be one of 2 winners of a 2014/2015 Bridger Bowl Season Pass (value of $699).  Sacajawea Audubon and Montana Audubon are raffling off two Bridger Bowl ski passes.  The proceeds support the Bridger Mountains Raptor Count, which features the largest known concentration of fall migrating Golden Eagles in the lower 48.

Raffle tickets are $10 each or 6 for $50.  The drawing will be held Nov. 10, 2014 at the Sacajawea Audubon monthly program, which begins at 7 p.m. at Hope Lutheran Church.

To purchase a raffle ticket and help support this important research project in our own backyard, email:


2013 Birdathon A Great Success


Janne Hayward receives the MT Audubon Award from emcee Lou Ann Harris


Paulette Epple and fellow Birdaholic teammate Martha Collins share a laugh.

BirdathonAwards3Sacajawea Audubon's 2013 Birdathon has been deemed a success!  Eight teams participated this year and raised more than $4,000 for the chapter.  A variety of strategies were used, including: a Big Sit at Dave & Jinnie Milne's, a Half-Day Birdathon by Evelyn Acton's team, a Birdathon limited to just Latilong 38 by John Parker's team, and a team whose members' names all included "ann" in some form.  The Birdathon Awards Party was well attended, and lots of delicious desserts and cold beverages were enjoyed by all. Several awards were handed out this year.  Here are the results:

Most Bird Species - Latilongers, 158 species  (John Parker, Robin Wolcott, Ed Harper, Nate Kohler)

Most Money Raised (by individual) - Evelyn Acton  ($950)

Most Pledges Collected - Evelyn Acton  (27 pledges)

Sacajawea Audubon Award (most Flickers) - Wingnuts, 16 flickers  (Paulette Epple, Erika Epple, Deb Louttit, Travis Kidd)

Montana Audubon Award (most Magpies) - Team Bluebird, 169 magpies (Lou Ann Harris, Janne Hayward, Diane Gresham, Jan Jorgensen)

Best Bird - Latilongers, Lark Bunting

Sitting Duck Award - Lazulis  (Carolyn Hopper, Lesli Eddington, Dave Milne, Jinnie Milne)

Most Species in an IBA - Oblivious Sage Hens & Two Strutters, 36 species

Mentor Award - Lou Ann Harris

Carbon Neutral Award - Paradise Peregrines (Peter Norlander, Lee Harry)

A big THANK YOU to our sponsors and also local businesses and individuals who provided prizes!

Holcim, Town & Country Foods, Ted's Montana Grill, Bridger Eyecare, Eagle Optics, Country Bookshelf, Bridger Brewing, Lou Ann Harris, Loreene Reid, Montana Audubon




Sacajawea Audubon Birdathon 2013

Sacajawea Audubon 2013 Birdathon
Saturday, May 18 – Sunday, June 23, 2013

Spring is here, which means it's time to call your favorite birders and register your birdathon team.  The Sacajawea Audubon Birdathon Committee would like to announce our 2013 Birdathon.


How does a Birdathon Work?

A Birdathon is similar to a walk-a-thon, but instead of collecting pledges per mile walked, you spend a great spring day outdoors with fellow birders, scanning skies, trees, shrubs, fields and water - even your backyard feeder - for birds.  The challenge is to identify as many bird species as possible within a 24 hour period from May 18 – June 23, 2013.  You collect pledges per bird species and the money raised benefits Southwestern Montana birds and other wildlife.

To add to the fun - by participating you could win prizes and awards. Check-out the Birdathon Rules and Prize & Award information links you can find at the bottom of this post, or call 406 600-6666.

How Can You Participate in the Birdathon?

Participation is easier: You don't have to be an expert - some people even do Birdathons by counting the visitors to their feeder. Others cover dozens of miles in a day, racking up over 100 species. The key to Birdathon is to have fun!

  • Join a Team

Contact the Birdathon Committee, we have birdathon teams that would love for you to join them.  Even if you can't tell a goose from a grouse, we can teach you how.  We also have celebrity birder teams.

  • Form a Team

Get a few of your birding friends together and schedule a 24 hour period to go birding. Contact us for a Birdathon Kit and register your team. (see registration form for details)

  • Take a Business "Bird Break"

Trade in your briefcase for binoculars, grab co-workers and count birds on your lunch hour! Contact us for more information on getting your business involved in Sacajawea Birdathon - becoming an event sponsor, creating a company team, or specific levels and benefits of event sponsorship,

  • Be a Backyard Birder

Gather pledges and watch birds in your neighborhood park, or at your own backyard feeder. Compete for our “Sitting Duck” award. Contact us or go online at for a Birdathon Kit.

  • Sponsor a Team Member

Support your favorite team or team participant by making a pledge.  You can also donate to your team online .


The Birdathon Committee has maps, field guides, fundraising tips, and plenty of experience to share. Contact us at or 600-6666.


2013 Birdathon Key Dates

May 18 - First Day of Birdathon

June 23 - Last Day of Birdathons

June 24 - Team Reports and Pledge Forms Due

June 27 - Birdathon Award & Celebration Party - East Gallatin Recreation Area


Awards & Prizes Categories

There Are Many Prizes – check out our website for more details

We will be giving out 11 Awards this year.  They are.....


Most Species Identified:  ADULT DIVISION - This award recognizes the team that identifies the most species in a 24-hour period. All members of the team must have seen or heard 95% of the birds reported.

Most Species Identified: YOUTH DIVISION - Same as above, for ages of 17 and under.

Most Money Raised: This award recognizes the team that raises the highest total dollar amount in donations.

Most Pledges Collected: This award recognizes the team that solicits the highest number of individual pledges.

Best Bird Award:   This award recognizes the team that records the "best" bird as determined by an outside judge. This could be a rare bird for a specific habitat or a bird that is difficult to find in its habitat.

Sacajawea Audubon Award:   This award recognizes the team that sees the most Flickers on their Birdathon Day.

Montana Audubon Award:   This award recognizes the team that see the most Magpies on their Birdathon Day

Important Bird Area (IBA) Sighting Award:   This award recognizes the team that observes the most bird species in Montana IBA. The Team Report submitted must indicate on which IBAs the birds were seen.

Sitting Duck Award:   This award is given to the team whose members identify the highest number of species while staying within an imaginary circle 200 feet in diameter during their count.

Carbon Neutral Award:   This award is given to the team who is the most energy efficient or the smallest carbon footprint.

Mentor Award - Each Team Leader will be entered for a prize.

Rookie Award:  If you’re new to birdwatching you will be eligible for a  prize at the awards celebration.


Sacajawea Audubon Birdathon ....

 … the most fun you'll ever have helping to protect Southwest Montana’s natural heritage.


Here is all the helpful information and forms you'll need to have a fun and successful Birdathon:

Introduction Birdathon 2013

Sacajawea Audubon Birdathon 2013

Team Registration Form

2013 Sacajawea Audubon Birdathon Rules

ABA Code of Ethics

MT Bird Checklist

2013 Birdathon Report Form

2013 Birdathon Corporate Sponsorships


contact Loreene Reid at  or 600-6666.


2012 Birdathon Awards Announced

Ashley Martens, daughter Sadie & son Oliver receive their Carbon Neutral Award

The 2012 Sacajawea Audubon Birdathon Awards were handed out June 28th at a party held at East Gallatin Recreation Area.  A small but enthusiastic group turned out for the festivities on a beautiful summer evening.  The awards are as follows:

Most Money Raised By An Individual - Erika Epple, $225

Most Pledges By An Individual - Erika Epple, 19

Most Species Identified - Paradise Peregrines, 143 (Peter Norlander )

Most Birds Identified in an Montana IBA - Oblivious Sage Hens & One Strutter , 79 (Loreene Reid, Matt Reid, Sharon Hanton)

Sacajawea Audubon Award for Most Flickers - Birdaholics, 21 (Paulette Epple, Deb Louttit, Chuck McKay, Erika Epple)

Montana Audubon Award for Most Magpies - Wing Nuts, 176 (Paulette Epple, Scott Hancock, Martha Collins, Vickie Backus)

Best Bird Award - Burrowing Owl, seen by the Birdaholics

Carbon Neutral Award - Striking Grackles (Ashley Martens, Oliver Palmer, Sadie Palmer, Marilyn Palmer), 45 miles driven

Mentor Award - Paulette Epple

Rookie Awards - Barbara Geller, Wano Urbonas, Oliver Palmer (age 7), Sadie Palmer (age 4), Erika Epple, Deb Louttit, Chuck McKay

Birdathon rookies, Sadie & Oliver Palmer


Paulette Epple enjoys a beautiful evening at the awards party

This year's Birdathon raised over $3,000 by eight teams.  Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated!  Special thank you to Norm Bishop who served as our judge for the Best Bird Award.


Birdathon Reminder – Deadline June 24th

A friendly reminder that you need to complete your Birdathon by June 24th to be eligible for awards/prizes to be given June 28th at the East Gallatin Recreation Area.  Team reports need to be submitted by June 26th.  Awards include:  Most Species Identified, Most $$ Raised, Carbon Neutral Award, Best Bird Award, Sitting Duck Award & Rookie Award.  The celebration will begin at 7 p.m. with drinks and desserts.  All Birdathon team members are encouraged to attend.


Birdathon Report Form 2012