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Master Planning Workshop – Headwaters To Trident Trail

trail_workshop_posterMissouri Headwaters State Park – Trident Extension Trail

Master Planning Workshop

Oct. 14th at 6:30 p.m., MT Fish, Wildlife & Parks , 1400 S. 19th

Come be a part of the creation of a new trail at Missouri Headwaters State Park. This trail will start at the boat-ramp parking lot at Missouri Headwaters State Park and continue eastward onto Holcim Inc. property towards the old town site of Trident. The trail will parallel the Missouri River and provide excellent viewing of the limestone cliffs where Peregrine Falcons, Prairie Falcons and Great Horned Owls have been found nesting in the past. The trail will also provide opportunities to view water birds, such as Double-crested Cormorants, on the river’s gravel bars, and numerous song and grassland birds, such as Lark Sparrow.

To help design the trail Sacajawea Audubon Society has teamed up with the Montana State University-Landscape Design Studio, and we would like to invite you to participate in a master planning workshop. During the workshop students will present a contextual project overview. This will be followed by a gathering of input and ideas from workshop attendees.
So bring your memories, experiences and ideas to the workshop and help create a vision for the new trail!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Join us from 6:30-8:00 pm
Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, Headquarters: 1400 South 19th Avenue


Headwaters IBA Bird Census – May 3rd


Western Meadowlark  (L. Harris)

Western Meadowlark (L. Harris)

Calling all birders,
The first of the season Headwaters State Park IBA (Important Bird Area) survey will be conducted on Sat. May 3rd starting at  8 am.
We will meet at the Park Headquarters Kiosk in Three Forks at 8 am.  We will finish at the Boat Landing across from the limestone cliffs all together noonish.
Bring your keen eyes and ears.
Contact Martha Collins if you can help. 406 579 0506



Madison Valley IBA Bird Census – April 26th

LongbilledCurlewHi Birders,

The birds are coming back!!  April 26th (Saturday) we will conduct a bird survey on the Madison Valley IBA.  This is an exciting time in the valley with up to 20 species of waterfowl on Ennis Lake, 52 Common Loons counted last year, large flocks of avocet and of course lots of Sandhill Crane and Long-billed Curlews around.  If you can help, email Paulette at or call 580-6186.  We will meet at the Ennis Pharmacy Café in Ennis by 7:45 am.  Come early if you would like to eat breakfast there.  We should be finished by 1 pm.

Please note that there will also be a Headwaters IBA survey the next Saturday, May 3rd.  Martha Collins will be sending out an email soon with all the details.  So as you plan your weeks ahead consider joining one, or both, of the surveys.  It will be fun to be out birding as we gather important data to track long term trends on the IBAs.

Yours for the birds,



Madison Valley IBA Bird Survey – Oct. 26th


Photo by Beth Johns

Photo by Beth Johns

Please join us on October 26th (Saturday) as we conduct one last survey of the Madison Valley IBA.  We are timing this survey to catch large numbers of migrating waterfowl, loons and grebes on Ennis Lake and of course we will be surveying the riparian of the Madison River Valley also.   Join us and use your bird watching skills to add to our data base on this Important Bird Area.  Please meet at the Ennis Pharmacy Café before 8am.  Come early enough (7:15 am) for breakfast if you want, but plan to be ready to head out for birding at 8 am.


Please let Paulette Epple know if you are going to be able to help out with the count.  Phone:  580-6186 or email:


Madison Valley IBA Bird Survey – June 26th

A summer bird census of the Madison Valley IBA will be conducted Wednesday, June 26th.  This one will capture a snapshot of the birds during the breeding season and should be rich with diversity and numbers.  We are scheduling this count on a weekday instead of a weekend simply to avoid the numbers of recreational users on the lake on the weekend.  Jet skis and beach parties at the fishing access sites on the weekends make for unsatisfactory birding.

Since the birds are starting earlier these days - we will too.  Meet at the Ennis Pharmacy Café ready to leave at 7 am.

Please let us know if you can help out with the survey.  This is last survey we will conduct until late in the fall.  You can email or call Paulette Epple at 580-6186.


Headwaters IBA Bird Census – May 18th

Please consider joining us this Saturday, May 18th at the Headwaters State Park for our second 2013 Sacajawea Audubon IBA census.  We'll meet at 8:00 am at the Visitor's Kiosk across from the campground.  The weather has warmed and this count should be excellent as a result!
For questions or to sign-up for this opportunity to participate in citizen science please contact me at 406-581-7202


Annie Sisk
Headwaters IBA Citizen Science Coordinator 

Sacajawea Audubon 

Madison Valley IBA Bird Survey – March 2nd

Its time to do our annual late winter bird survey on the Madison Valley IBA. This year's survey will take place on Saturday, March 2nd with the hopes that we will find lots of raptors still hanging around the valley. Last year's survey surprised us with some early migrants-- Killdeer, Robins, Red-winged Blackbirds, Meadowlarks, and a Gull as well as 12 species of waterfowl using the open edges of Ennis Lake.

We will again meet at the Ennis Pharmacy Cafe in Ennis at 7:15 a.m. if you want to eat breakfast there, or a little later if you don't need breakfast. We will want to leave the cafe for our bird counts by 8 AM. We should be done and ready to leave by noon.

We hope you can join us and help to add to the data base for the IBA. If you can come or have questions please call Paulette at 406-580-6186 or email her at


Ennis Lake Waterfowl Field Trip – Saturday, Oct. 20th

Green-winged Teal (Photo by Ed Harper)

This should be near the peak time for migrating waterfowl and loons.  Ennis Lake is one of the premiere staging areas for migrating waterfowl in southwestern Montana.  Thousands of ducks can be spread across the lake on any given day.  As is typical with high concentrations of birds, there is always the possibility of a rarity being found.   Bring a lunch as we’ll be out until at least mid-afternoon.  Also, remember to bring plenty of warm clothes as it will likely be cold and windy. If the weather is too extreme, we will reschedule for the following Saturday, October 27.   Please contact John Parker at 586-5863 for more information or if you plan to attend.


All field trips meet at the Museum of the Rockies.  Come at 7:45 a.m. to carpool and depart at 8:00 a.m.


Madison Valley IBA Fall Census – Oct. 13th

SAVE THE DATE!  October 13th (Saturday) we are going to do one last survey of the Madison Valley IBA.  We are trying to time this survey to catch large numbers of migrating waterfowl on Ennis Lake.  Hopefully we will have good luck on that account.  We are not promising anything but last year's fall count picked up both a Pacific Loon and a Surf Scoter as well a couple of late warblers.
Please meet at the Ennis Pharmacy Cafe.  Come early enough for breakfast if you want, but plan to be ready to head out for birding at 8 am.
Please let Paulette Epple know if you are going to be able to help out with the count so she can plan accordingly by phone at 580-6186 or email

Madison Valley IBA Summer Bird Survey – June 27th

Birders needed!  The summer bird survey for the Madison Valley IBA has been scheduled for Wednesday, June 27th.  Meet at Ennis Pharmacy cafe at 7 a.m. (earlier if you want breakfast).  The survey concludes around noon.  If you need more information, please contact Paulette Epple at or 580-6186.