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Bird Habitat License Plates

Montana Audubon’s License Plate is Ready for Your Car!

Image may not load properly in all browsers.Show your support for the protection of bird habitat throughout Montana by obtaining Montana Audubon's beautiful license plate.  The image features an American Avocet, Ruddy Duck, Lewis’s Woodpecker, and a trio of Black-billed Magpies, all set against the Rocky Mountain Front near Bynum.

As with all specialty plates, the cost of the plate is added to your current vehicle registration fee.  Initial cost for the Bird Habitat plate is $35, and annual renewal is $20. Your $20 is tax deductible and goes directly to support local bird conservation through Audubon’s Education, Science, and Policy programs.

Specialty plates can be ordered. Additionally, you don’t have to wait until your current plates expire: if you want your plates now, simply go down to your county’s Department of Motor Vehicles and bring your current plates with you (if your current plates have not expired yet, you have to turn in your old plates as state law doesn’t allow two current plates to be issued), and the new plates can be purchased right away.