Sacajawea Audubon

Raptor Identification Workshop and Field Trip March 1 and 3

Juvenile Goshawk (Photo by Hobart Collins)

Presented by: Steve Hoffman, Founder of HawkWatch International

Have you ever wanted to sharpen your raptor identification skills? If so, this is the workshop for you! On

Thursday evening Steve will provide a detailed discussion of the identification and natural history of all raptor (e.g., hawks, eagles, falcons, etc.) species wintering in the Gallatin Valley. Steve’s illustrated talk will include a description of the many plumage variations (including subspecies and color forms, as well as age and sex variations) of the more common and observable species. Helpful behavioral clues will also be incorporated. Eagles, falcons and the “buteo” hawks (such as Red-tailed Hawks) will be emphasized. This presentation will be especially valuable for “intermediate” and “advanced” raptor watching enthusiasts, although beginners will also find this workshop quite helpful. Participants will then go into the field on Saturday, with trip leaders Steve Hoffman and John Parker to practice their newly-developed skills.

Ferruginous Hawk (photo by Ed Harper)

The Thursday night presentation will start at 5:30 PM, and end by 7:30 PM in the Bozeman Public Library’s large conference room.

Saturday morning’s field trip will meet at the Museum of the Rockies at 8:15 AM, and leave no later than 8:30 AM. Be sure to dress for the weather and bring any necessary drinks or snacks for this 5-6 hour trip. If you have a spotting scope you can bring, that would be helpful.

There is a $40 fee for Sacajawea Audubon members, $15 for participants under age 25, or $65 for non-members (the $65 includes a $25 Sacajawea Audubon membership). There is a strict 20-person limit for the workshop and field trip. Advance reservation and payment is required. (Early registration is strongly advised!). For more information and to make reservations please call John Parker at 586-5863, or e-mail before February 11th. After this date please e-mail Steve Hoffman at or call him at 461-5714.


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