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March 12th Program – Rehabilitating Raptors with Becky Kean

Releasing a Golden Eagle.

For Sacajawea Audubon's March 12th program, Becky Kean, MRCC Director, will present a fascinating talk on rehabilitating injured raptors. Each year the Montana Raptor Conservation Center (MRCC) receives over 200 injured raptors throughout the state of Montana in hopes of a healthy return to the wild. Injuries that they often see are human related such as hit by vehicles, window collisions or toxicities. MRCC currently has 11 ambassador raptors that can't be released back into the wild due to their injuries. These birds are trained and used in programs to educate the public of their importance in our environment as a indicator species.  Becky will bring some of these ambassador birds to the program.

MRCC was founded in 1988 in response to the rapid development of southwest Montana and the negative conflicts between humans and birds of prey. Originally named Big Sky Wildcare, the name was changed to Montana Raptor Conservation Center in 2001 to totally focus on injured birds of prey. Their mission is to improve the welfare of raptors across Montana through rehabilitation of injured birds, community education, and partnerships for raptor conservation and research.

Becky Kean moved to Bozeman in 1998 from her home town in Minot, ND. In 2003, she realized her passion for raptors when she began volunteering at the Montana Raptor Conservation Center. Becky earned a bachelor’s degree in Fish and Wildlife Management from Montana State University. In 2007, Becky was hired at MRCC as Assistant Director, and a year later she was promoted to Director. She has served as MRCC Director for the past 8 years, with her focus geared towards rehabilitation.

Sacajawea Audubon Society programs are free and open to the public. We meet the 2nd Monday of each month, September through May, at Hope Lutheran Church. Join us for a social at 6:30 p.m.

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