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Madison Valley IBA Bird Survey – June 24th

Madison Valley IBA Bird Survey – June 24th (Wednesday)

The birds are all back now so its time to survey our IBAs and document the breeding birds in the area. The great numbers of waterfowl will be gone and instead we will be challenged to count up all the warblers, flycatchers, swallows, orioles, grosbeaks and Sandhill Cranes (101 seen on last year's June count). This count will take place on a Wednesday, June 24th, to avoid the weekend recreationists on Ennis Lake. Since daylight comes early now we will be meeting earlier too. We will meet at the Ennis Pharmacy Café in Ennis and be ready to head out for the survey at 7 am.

If you can help, email Paulette at or call 580-6186.

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