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Montana’s Nightjars at Lewis & Clark Caverns – June 19th

➢June 19: Montana's Nightjars at Lewis & Clark Caverns

Leader: Tom Forwood at 406-570-6432

Check out Montana's two species of Nightjar, the Common Nighthawk and the more elusive Common Poorwill. The park is known for some of its interesting breeding bird species and the Poorwill is one of the more unusual. We will walk up the park road for a mile or so at dusk to check out some of the arid country daytime species such as Mountain Bluebirds, Spotted Towhees and Rock Wrens. Once it gets dark we will look for high flying Nighthawks and low lying Poorwills with the possibility for some owls and several bat species as well. We will meet at the park's campground parking area at 8:30 PM for a 90 minute to 2 hour walk. Insect repellent, good walking shoes and layering clothing for changing conditions are recommended. 15 person limit

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