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GVLT Discovery Walks offers June Bird Watching & Identification

Song Sparrow  (Photo by Lou Ann Harris)

Song Sparrow (Photo by Lou Ann Harris)

Saturday, June 6th  &  Saturday, June 11th – Bird Watching and Identification
9:00am @ Sourdough Trail (Meet at Tuckerman Park parking lot off of Goldenstein Lane.

If you’re new to birding or want to discover the “open secrets” of  Sourdough Trail, join some experienced birders for what is considered by many to be the best birding walk in the Gallatin Valley. Quiet, curious walkers will be rewarded with a handful of species sightings, a nesting site or two, and glorious birdsong within the hour. Map and bird list provided. Bring  binoculars if you have them!

  • All walks are about 1 hour long and are free.
  • You do not need to RSVP. Please arrive in a timely manner to the meeting spots listed.
  • Sorry, these walks do not allow dogs. 



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May 30th Field Trips – Mt. Ellis Field Trip & Paradise Valley Driving Tour

➢May 30: Mount Ellis
Leader: Audrey Evers 218-742-7885 or
(4 -5-hour trip; moderately strenuous walking 3 miles)

This slow-paced hike will explore a number of habitats on State and Forest Service lands, including grassland, aspen meadow, and conifer forest edge. At this time of year all of the nesting birds, such as Calliope Hummingbirds, Red-naped Sapsuckers, Dusky Flycatchers, Orange-crowned Warblers, and a wide variety of sparrows will have arrived on their territories. Along with terrific views of the Gallatin Valley, the wildflowers on this walk will likely distract you from the diversity of birds. 12 person limit.

➢May 30: Paradise Valley Driving Tour
Leader: Mitch Hurt 406-223-4919
(Options for half- to almost full day)

Visit Paradise Valley birding hotspots with local guides – spring creeks, Yellowstone River, prairies/hillsides, and Dailey Lake. The diversity of habitat covered on the trip, along with it being the peak of songbird migration should yield a huge variety of birds. Meet at Livingston Albertson’s parking lot, northeast corner at 7:30 AM for car- pooling

Participants in all trips will meet at the front parking lot of the Museum of the Rockies at 6:45 AM and depart at 7:00 AM unless otherwise noted. Car pools will be arranged at the museum; an offer to help with gas to the person driving is always appreciated but not mandatory. Dress for the weather; good footwear is a must as field trip conditions are not always dry. Turn off your cell phones and keep unnecessary conversations to a minimum. Some field trips are limited to a certain number of participants. Contact the trip leader for more details about any trip, and to sign up for the trip. We encourage beginning birders to participate. Come have a good time and learn something new.



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