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Bird Language Workshop with Ashley Martens

Gray Catbird

Gray Catbird


Birds are the true messengers of the forests. They can tell us if there's a fox hiding in the brush, a person about to run down the trail, a sharp-shinned hawk about to fly through.  Come learn the ancient art of bird language in an introductory class taught by naturalist Ashley Martens. We’ll learn the 5 voices of the birds as well as some alarm patterns.  Then we’ll head out for a short “bird sit” to look and listen for those voices.  Bird language can inform us on a much deeper level what is going on in the forest.  Awareness of bird language also inevitably leads to a deeper awareness of self. (What are the birds doing when YOU move through the woods?  Can you shift that?)

Thurs, June 13th 6-8pm at the Sourdough Nature Trail (Gardner Park Trailhead).

Cost:  $5-10 donation to Sacajawea Audubon to support their growing educational programs.

Contact Ashley at or 208-883-4998 for more information and to register.  Maximum 15 students.

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