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Ennis Lake Field Trip Report

All fourteen of the participants on the October 20th Ennis Lake field trip had a great day at the lake, with many opportunities to study the different species of waterfowl.  The predicted snow or rain never materialized, and the wind was manageable.

The loon migration was near the peak, with over 70 Common Loons counted.  Along with the many nice views of the loons, we were also able to get plenty of close-up looks of Western, Eared, and Horned Grebes for comparison.  The numbers and variety of ducks did not disappoint, with 14 species spotted among the huge rafts of waterfowl spread across the lake.  Several Barrow’s Goldeneye were found along with Common Goldeneye.  On two occasions it was instructive to have Common and Red-breasted Mergansers side by side in a flock.

At the bridge in the northwest corner of the lake, many Bald and Golden Eagles of all ages put on a spectacular show.  What a thrill to watch them soar effortlessly on the wind.

Along with numerous Ring-billed Gulls, there were two California Gulls and an immature Herring Gull.  Best of all were the half dozen or so Bonaparte’s Gulls.  The buoyant tern-like flight of these small gulls was a joy to watch.

-John Parker

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