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May 26th Field Trip – Mount Ellis

Vesper Sparrow (photo by L. Harris)

Participants in all trips will meet at the front parking lot of the Museum of the Rockies at 6:45 a.m. and depart at 7:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted.  Car pools will be arranged at the museum; an offer to help with gas to the person driving is always appreciated but not mandatory.  Dress for the weather; good footwear is a must as field trip conditions are not always dry.  Turn off your cell phones and keep unnecessary conversations to a minimum.  Some field trips are limited to a certain number of participants.  Contact the trip leader for more details about any trip, and to sign up for the trip.  We encourage beginning birders to participate.  Come have a good time and learn something new.

May 26th:  Mount Ellis

Leader:  John Parker  586-5863        (4-5 hour trip; moderately strenuous walking)

We will explore a variety of habitats including grassland, aspen meadow and conifer forest edge, while we look for late spring migrants.  Some of the nesting species include Red-naped Sapsucker, Orange-crowned Warblers, White-crowned Sparrow, among others.  15 person limit.

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