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Madison Valley IBA Winter Bird Census Scheduled

Photo by Beth Johns

Its been an exciting winter with record setting Christmas Bird Counts, the Snowy Owl invasion, and odd birds wintering in Montana like the Great-tailed Grackle at the Gallatin Valley Mall.  Its time to do our late winter bird survey on the Madison Valley IBA and it will be interesting to see if we turn up some different birds with the mild winter we have had this year.

The next IBA survey will be on Sunday, March 4th.  We will meet at the Ennis Pharmacy Cafe in Ennis at 7:15 if you want to eat breakfast there or a little later if you don't need breakfast.  We will try to leave the cafe for our bird counts by 8am.  We should be done and ready to leave by noon.

For more information, please email Paulette Epple at or call at 406-580-6186.

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