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January Program – Bird Conservation & Monitoring in Montana


Steve Hoffman, Executive Director of Montana Audubon, will provide an update on "Bird Conservation and Monitoring Efforts in Montana" at the January 9, 2012 meeting of the Sacajawea Audubon Society. This illustrated program will feature the latest information on priority birds and bird habitat conservation efforts in Montana, including recent research findings. New program initiatives are underway by Montana Audubon and its many partners.  Hoffman will discuss grassland, wetland and riparian habitats, and the Important Bird Area Program, as well as provide species-specific updates for the Long-billed Curlew, Greater Sage-Grouse, Golden Eagle, Ferruginous Hawk, and various waterbirds of special concern.

A specialist in wildlife conservation, Steve Hoffman has been Executive Director of Montana Audubon since 2006. He earned an M.S. degree in Wildlife Ecology from Utah State University. He began his career as a Wildlife Biologist for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management in southern Arizona, and later worked as an Endangered Species Specialist for the US Fish & Wildlife Service in Albuquerque. After 10 years of government service, he launched HawkWatch International, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to research and conservation of hawks, eagles and other birds of prey. After 12 years with HawkWatch, Steve returned to his birth state to become the Director of Bird Conservation for Audubon Pennsylvania. In 2004 Steve moved to Bozeman to serve as Executive Director of Predator Conservation Alliance. Steve has written more than 30 scientific papers on raptor biology, conservation, endangered species management, and coyote ecology. He has given hundreds of presentations on various wildlife conservation and bird identification topics to varied audiences across the U.S. Hoffman is a member of the Sacajawea Audubon Society in Bozeman.

The Sacajawea Audubon Society meets the second Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m., at the Hope Lutheran Church, 2152 W. Graf Street (off of South 19th), Bozeman. Audubon invites the public to attend its meetings and participate in its field trips.

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