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2011 Birdathon Award Winners Announced


Lou Ann Harris presents "The Lonesome Doves" with an award.

Sharon Hanton & Micki MacGregor with their Most Species in an IBA Award


The Sacajawea Audubon Birdathon awards party was held June 30th at East Gallatin Recreation Area, and a grand time was had by all!    The Birdathon winners are as follows:

CARBON FOOTPRINT AWARD (least miles driven) - The Paradise Peregrines (Peter Norlander, George Kelly): 75 miles driven, 5 miles walked

ROOKIE AWARD -  Micki MacGregor, The Oblivious Sage Hens

MENTOR AWARD - Lou Ann Harris

MOST SPECIES SEEN IN AN IBA (Important Bird Area) - The Oblivious Sage Hens (Loreene Reid, Sharon Hanton, Micki MacGregor) with 99 species at Red Rock Lakes

MOST PLEDGES BY A TEAM -  The Lonesome Doves with 23 pledges

MOST FLICKERS SEEN - The Oblivious Sage Hens with 23

MOST MAGPIES SEEN - The Latilongers with 235

BEST BIRD AWARD - The Lonesome Doves (Lou Ann Harris, Diane Gresham, Teri Sinopoli, Karen Ehlert) with a Northern Parula

MOST SPECIES - The Latilongers (John Parker, Robin Wolcott, Andrew Guttenberg, Ed Harper) with 143

MOST $$ RAISED BY A TEAM - The Lonesome Doves with $900

MOST $$ RAISED BY AN INDIVIDUAL - Teri Sinopoli with $175


Thank you to the generosity of our business sponsors, who really helped make this a special and fun event:

Bridger Feeds

Elle's Bakery

Outside Bozeman

Rocky Creek Farms

Wine Gallery


Also a big  "Thank You" to Steve Hoffman of Montana Audubon for deciding a winner on several of the awards.


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